Hobie Mirage Adventure Island 2017
Hobie Mirage Adventure Island 2017
Hobie Mirage Adventure Island 2017
Hobie Mirage Adventure Island 2017

Hobie Mirage Adventure Island 2017


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The most versatile of the Hobie Kayak fleet, the Adventure Island provides you with the best of both worlds, so you never have to choose between kayaking & sailing again. Equipped with the adjustable Vantage CT Seat & seamless Mirage Drive 180, this unique & fast trimaran has all the bells and whistles for an exceptional on-water experience. The Hobie Mirage Adventure Island is fit for any adventure, from an hour-long trip to a multi-day excursion. Whether you are sailing, pedalling, or paddling, the AI will get you across rivers, lakes, and bays alike. With features like a roller-furling main, detachable akas and amas, and retractable centreboard, the multi-functional Adventure Island is the most beginner-friendly sailing vessel on the market. This boat will be your go-to fishing craft, your sunny-day sailing machine, and so much more.

Vantage CT Seating with adjustable height and recline!
MirageDrive 180 with full propulsion power in forward or reverse
One button adjustment to easily find the right pedaling stroke
Four detachable akas with a carrying bag
Kick-up centerboard
Kick-up Island rudder
Patented roller-furling sail with battens
Two 8” Twist and Seal hatches with gear bucket
Two color-coordinated amas
Two mesh-covered stowage pockets
Two molded-In rod holders
Two-piece carbon composite mast
Two-piece paddle with on-hull storage


Length: 16'7" / 5.05 m
Beam (Amas Out): 9' 6" / 2.9 m
Beam (Amas In): 44" / 1.12 m
Fitted Hull Weight: 102 lbs / 46 kg
Fully Rigged Weight: 185 lbs / 84 kg
MirageDrive Weight: 6.6 lbs / 2.99 kg
Ama Weight: 2 @ 15 lbs / 6.80 kg
Capacity: 400 lbs / 181.44 kg
Mast Length: 16'6" / 5.03 m
Sail Area: 65 sq ft / 6.04 sq m
Crew: 1
Hull Construction: Rotomolded Polyethylene