Drink Holder Starport Kit Black

Railblaza Drink Holder Starport Kit Black


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The Drink Holder Starport Kit from RAILBLAZA is a convenient, easily attachable drink holding accessory for keeping your drink always within arms reach on the water. The only thing better than a cold drink on a hot day (or vice versa), is having one within easy reach while on your boat, PWC or kayak any time you want it.

1 x DrinkHold

1 x M6 x 25mm Machine Screw

1x StarPort Adaptor

1 x StarPort

1 x surface mount collar

1 x weather-tight gasket

2 x 12-gauge 32mm self-tapping screws

2 x M6 x 35mm Machine Screws

2 x M6 Nuts

2 x M6 Washers

Construction Materials:

StarPort – AES UV proof Acrylonitrile Ethylene Styrene

Locking Slide – Polycarbonate

Drink Holder – Polypropylene

Stainless Steel fasteners