18 Exist Lt1000D P
18 Exist Lt1000D P
18 Exist Lt1000D P

18 Exist Lt1000D P


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Celebrating 60 years of innovation isn't easy, that's why we've held nothing back in creating the all-new 18 Exist LT. Our flagship model, Exist has personified excellence throughout Daiwa's history, and now the new Exist LT introduces even more ground-breaking Daiwa technology.

The all-new Exist LT features our brand-new Light & Tough (LT) concept, reducing reel size while at the same time increasing strength and power.

Monocoque body also debuts in Exist LT for the first time through the entire size range. Monocoque body produces a truly one-piece frame with no side plate. Instead, the side plate is replaced by the main drive gear and drive gear housing, which screws into the body allowing for maximum gear diameter and ultimate rigidity. By increasing the main gear diameter, monocoque reels exhibit improved winding power and torque. In fact, you will find the brand-new Machine Cut Tough Digigear inside the new Exist LT is up to 109% larger than non-monocoque reels. The Exist LT's monocoque body is our most advanced body we've ever developed.

Key Features:

  • LT Concept - an evolution in design to suit the new generation of PE/Braid lines for higher line and drag capacity, stronger gearing, improved handling and increased performance.
  • Magnesium Monocoque Body - Monocoque body debuted in Certate HD and can now be found for the first time in small size spinning reels in the new Exist LT. Monocoque one-piece magnesium body is our strongest, lightest and most advanced body design ever produced.
  • Magseal Line Roller - the magnetized lubrication system avoids any friction, reduces dust or water intrusion, eliminating oil spray and improving reel life expectancy.
  • Magseal Drive Gear -Magseal bearings on both sides of the Drive Gear make Exist stand up to life in the salt.
  • Magseal Pinion -A Magseal bearing on top of the pinion provides even greater salt resistance.
  • Machine Cut Tough Digigear - New generation Tough Digigear is 50% stronger than previous Digigear II thanks to increased diameter main gears combined with an increase in individual gear teeth size.
  • Airspool ABS - our newly designed AL Airspool is up to 30% lighter than previous generations. The newly redesigned spool lip has improved overall castability.
  • ATD - our ATD drag system is the best in the business. Reduced start-up inertia protects delicate and thin lines from the aggressive strikes of fish.
  • Air Rotor- the innovative design and construction work to reduce weight, stress and flexing, whilst enhancing transmission of vibration and allowing the rotor to spin with perfect balance.
  • Perfect Line Stopper- a larger rectangular flexible clip that can be used from all line angles and from light to heavy lines.
  • Aluminium Air Handle- the new handle design is slimmer, more compact, and now up to 50% lighter.
Model Gear Ratio Weight (gm) Ball Bearings Drag Pressure (kg) Mono Line Capacity Braid Line Capacity
G LT1000D-P 4.9:1 150g 12/1 CRBB 5kg 8lb/100m PE1/180m
G LT2000D-P 4.9:1 155g 12/1 CRBB 5kg 8lb/150m PE1/260m
G LT2500-XH 6.2:1 180g 12/1 CRBB 10kg 8lb/100m PE1/190m
G LT2500D 5.2:1 180g 12/1 CRBB 10kg 12lb/150m PE1.5/230m
G LT3000-CXH 6.2:1 185g 12/1 CRBB 10kg 12lb/100m PE1.5/170m
G LT3000D-C 5.2:1 185g 12/1 CRBB 10kg 16lb/150m PE2/230m
G LT4000D-C 5.2:1 205g 12/1 CRBB 10kg 20lb/150m PE2.5/260m
G LT4000-CXH 6.2:1 205g 12/1 CRBB 10kg 14lb/130m PE2/170

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