Airflo Braided Mono Backing 80M 20LB

Airflo Braided Mono Backing 80M 20LB


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Besides being a great backing or running line, we highly recommend this braided mono to create perfect braided loops - a great option for fly lines that don’t come with pre-welded loops.

Oftentimes, the Airflo Braided Mono Line is also used as a shooting line behind shooting heads. The major advantage is that you can form a non-knot and non-loop connection to the shooting head: Simply slide the braided mono over the shooting head, secure it with a nail not and a bit Aquasure / Stormsure. This will reduce drag in the water and will help the connection slide through the rod’s guides much easier! In addition, it provides a good, textured grip when casting. The only downside: you won’t be able to change your shooting head as quickly.

Length: 80 yds (73m)
Strength: 20lbs, 30lbs, or 50 lbs
Made in the UK

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