Airflo Sixth Sense Dark Blue WF6 7S5

Airflo Sixth Sense Dark Blue WF6 7S5


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Stillwater Flyfishing has a very specific set of demands on the angler, most importantly, the ability to control depth is paramount to success with fish holding and feeding at very specific zones in the water column subject to the stage of a particular hatch or the activity of the primary food source at any given point in time.

Having a set of lines that allow you to effectively match sink speeds and retrieve style to hold your imitations at the fish’s feeding level for longer will ultimately result in more chances of hooking fish.

All Sixth Sense lines feature the impressive Airflo Delta taper, designed for casting teams of flies as well as a single fly on a long leader, creating the perfect balance between delicacy and distance — a must for Stillwater anglers. All lines feature unique hang zones, with 10’, 20’ and 40’ line colour changes built into the line, making it perfect for fishing the hang.

Slow Intermediate - Sink rate 0.5ips
Mid Intermediate - Sink rate 1.0ips
Fast Intermediate - Sink rate 1.5ips
Di 3 - Sink rate 3ips
Di 5 - Sink rate 5ips
Di 7 - Sink rate 7ips
Di 8 - Sink rate 8ips

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