Airflo Sixth Sense Dark Green WF6 7S3

Airflo Sixth Sense Dark Green WF6 7S3


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The Stillwater line by which all others are judged. With its distinct 10ft colour bands, you'll know exactly when to lift and hold when fishing the deadly hang. Power Core technology provides an incredible hook set and takes detection. Density compensated. Accurate non-overlapping sink rates for optimum depth control.

The Sixth Sense Sinking line features Airflo's classic Delta Taper design. With its long front taper, it will present flies delicately at any distance without overly disturbing the quiet, still water. Its longer overall length allows for fishing effectively at both long and medium distances. Our Sixth Sense Sinking lines all feature line markers at 10' and 20' as well as the marked "haul zone" to help you know exactly what depth you were fishing when you found the feeding fish.

The Sixth Sense Sinking is available in sizes 5wt to 9wt and features our Power Core technology for positive hooksets and minimal memory.

The Tip section DOES NOT feature a welded loop
Tip and front taper: The extra-long front taper helps present flies at any distance with minimal disturbance to the water surface.
Belly: The moderate-length belly section helps provide the widest optimal casting range.
Rear Taper: The colour-marked rear taper is moderately long at 10' to help carry long casts and keep them stable - minimizing surface crash

Taper: Delta Taper
Core: Power Core
Range: WF5/6 - WF8/9
Coating: Polyfuse XT Dual-Layer System

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