Daiwa Saltiga 12 Braid UVF PE+SI Line


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Introducing the Daiwa Saltiga 12 Braid UVF PE+SI Line, the pinnacle of high-density braids. Crafted with Daiwa's innovative UVF (Ultra Volume Fibre) and Evo Silicone technologies, this line offers unparalleled abrasion resistance and exceptional strength.

Compared to other 8 braid premium PE lines, our 12 braid boasts an impressive 72% improvement in abrasion resistance, 20% more strength, an 18% more slippery surface, and 30% less line stretch. This makes it the ultimate choice for anglers seeking top-of-the-line technology.

Thanks to its reduced diameter and ultra-smooth surface, the 12 braid line minimizes friction and resistance on the guides and spool rim. This results in longer, smoother casting, reduced noise, minimal water penetration, and incredible sensitivity.

Designed specifically for heavy-duty jigging and casting, the Saltiga 12 is the go-to line for tackling big game fish. To provide you with full line control, it is color-coded every 10, 5, and 1-meter increments.


  • UVF (Ultra Volume Fibre) Processing & Evo Silicone Coating
  • Made In Japan
  • Metered Colours 
  • 12 Strands
Model Length Test
PE 0.6 200m 13lb
PE 0.8 200m 16lb
PE 1.0 200m 22lb
PE 1.2 200m 27lb
PE 1.5 200m 31lb
PE 2.0 300m 36lb
PE 2.5 300m 44lb
PE 3.0 300m 55lb
PE 4.0 300m 68lb
PE 5.0 300m 88lb
PE 6.0 300m 100lb
PE 8.0 300m 118lb
PE 10 300m 130lb
PE 2.0 400m 36lb
PE 3.0 400m 55lb
PE 4.0 400m 68lb
PE 5.0 400m 88lb
PE 6.0 400m 100lb
PE 8.0 400m 118lb

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