Lansky System Deluxe 5 Stone


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The Lansky System Deluxe 5 Stone is the ultimate tool for sharpening your knives. With its five different hones of varying coarseness, you can easily sharpen a wide variety of knife blades to perfection.

Whether you have a dull kitchen knife, a hunting knife that needs some TLC, or a pocket knife that has seen better days, this sharpening system has got you covered. The five hones included in this set allow you to choose the perfect level of coarseness for your specific blade, ensuring a precise and effective sharpening every time.

Not only does this system come with a variety of hones, but it also features a convenient and easy-to-use design. The hones are securely held in place by a sturdy clamp, allowing you to maintain a consistent angle while sharpening. This ensures that you achieve a razor-sharp edge without any guesswork or uneven sharpening.

Whether you're a professional chef, an avid outdoorsman, or just someone who appreciates a sharp knife, the Lansky System Deluxe 5 Stone is a must-have tool. Say goodbye to dull blades and hello to precision cutting with this top-of-the-line sharpening system.


  • 5 Sharpening Stones
  • Includes Clamp
  • Lansky Honing Oil
  • Hard Case

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