Megabass Dark Sleeper 3In 1 2Oz Biwako Yoshinobori

Megabass Dark Sleeper 3In 1 2Oz Biwako Yoshinobori


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Megabass Dark Sleeper 3" 1/2oz. Biwako Yoshinobori

The DARK SLEEPER swimbait was developed to target fish holding to bottom structure with overwhelming realism and enticing paddle-tail action. With a soft fin that shields the top hook on both sides, DARK SLEEPER is designed for stealthy, life-like deployment as a bottom-bouncing swimbait. In addition to camouflaging the top hook design, the fins also gently deflect potential snags, allowing DARK SLEEPER to crawl through the gnarly structure. Soft fin material compresses instantly for sure hooksets, collapsing out of the way to drive metal home.

Low centre of gravity weight setting and bottom fins keep DARK SLEEPER upright as it moves through structure, for a naturally appealing approach.

- Supple paddle-tail design kicks into gear even at slow, crawling retrieve speeds
- Tall top fins hide the hook point to camouflage and limit snags, yet are soft enough to absorb strikes and allow for decisive hooksets
- Weighting and bottom fin design offer a low centre of gravity for ideal action to target the bottom structure