Megabass Super Z Crank Old Z

Megabass Super Z Crank Old Z


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Ushering in a new generation of advanced shallow running crankbaits, the Megabass Super-Z Z1 Crankbaits deliver unrivalled performance in typical Megabass fashion. Built around Megabass' patented LBO II balancer system, the Z1 utilizes state-of-the-art weight transfer technology to achieve casting distances you'd expect from a much heavier crankbait.

The Z1 is designed for optimum stability even in heavy current and specializes in relentlessly contacting bottom structure to trigger reaction strikes off of deflections. To withstand repeated contact and transmit clear feedback to the angler, these shallow runners feature a "hard contact bill" that will allow you to bang the bait around with confidence. Its excellent stability allows it to resume its high-pitch action immediately after deflection, making it a great option for continuously engaging riprap and other shallow water obstacles when finicky fish are hesitant to strike.

Use the Z1 to comb shallow backwater environments in early spring and during turnover periods to increase your catch rates during these tricky times of the year.

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