Megabass Vatalion 190F Gg Perch
Megabass Vatalion 190F Gg Perch

Megabass Vatalion 190F Gg Perch


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Megabass Vatalion 190mm Slow Sinking (SS) Vibration Swimbait Lure Overwhelming big bass capture report by Vatalion, one after another immediately after the announcement. When the Big Fish is threaded, it's time for Vatalion. At ITIO Engineering, we have developed a giant killer bait to kill even more clever giant fish. The retrieve stress to the angler is reduced in consideration of the increase in winding resistance and own weight due to the increase in size. By repeating the actual fishing test by pursuing the body shape and weight balance, it is a natural action by original "tight drive & roll" that is different from the conventional wide & turn type S-shaped action, and it is a big deal of the past. Bring tough monster fish that are wary of wide and turn to the bite without threading. The unique shifting action that works only for threaded monsters, such as "quick turn" in slow retrieve, "rolling swim" in fast retrieve, and "extremely minute inertial slide" at stop, is unique to Vatalion 190. thing. On the other hand, the intense fish-collecting waves and flushing created by the large surface area far surpass the original size and demonstrate a different dimension of monster hunting performance. 


Specification: Length: 190mm Weight: 4.75 oz 

Hook: # 2/0 ?? 2 Type: Slow Sinking Megabass Vatalion 190mm Slow Sinking Vibration Lure 190 (SS) GG Perch

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