Rovex D8 Depth Finder 600yds Braid


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The Rovex D8 Depth Finder 600yds Braid is a must-have Braid for anglers looking to maximize their Catch. With its color changes every 10 yards and bright yellow and black sub-marks for every yard, this braid allows you to easily measure depth and distance, ensuring that your lures and baits are always in the strike zone.

Constructed using high-quality Japanese HMPE fibers, this premium-quality braided fishing line is made with the latest microfilament technology and cutting-edge braiding machines. The result is a rounder and smoother line that casts like a dream from both spinning and baitcast reels. It is also less prone to wind knots, making it a reliable choice for any angler.

Not only does the Rovex D8 Depth Finder 600yds Braid offer exceptional casting performance, but it also boasts excellent abrasion resistance and near-zero stretch. This makes it ideal for jigging, bottom fishing, and trolling, even in harsh saltwater environments.

Tested extensively, this braid has proven its ability to handle tough Aussie sportfish such as Kingfish, Samson fish, Giant Trevally, and Dogtooth Tuna. Whether you're a professional angler or a weekend enthusiast, the Rovex D8 Depth Finder 600yds Braid is a reliable and high-performing choice.


  • Color metered With Extra Sub-Marks Every Meter
  • Excellent Abrasion Resistance
  • Round & Smooth Profile
  • Near-Zero Stretch

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