Samurai Cruisers 7Ft 4Pc Spin Fast 20 35Lb

Samurai Cruisers 7Ft 4Pc Spin Fast 20 35Lb


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Samurai's multi-piece travel series combine their unequalled rod construction technology with state of the art interlock joins to deliver a high quality carbon fibre blank. The handle is our proprietary SBC grip control using cork to deliver a light comfortable rod with a low swing weight meaning faster and more precise hook-ups. Able to be packed into a suitcase, Samurai Cruisers ensure that you never have to compromise on quality when you travel.

The Cruisers all have seamless joins which makes these rods a joy to use, show your mates, they won't even believe that the rods are multi piece! High quality AAA cork and stylish aluminum parts make these rods a classy piece of artistry. Be the envy of everyone on the next work trip, pull one out of your suitcase and you will have friends you didn't even know about!

All Cruisers come with a spare tip section to cover those unexpected breakages, nothing worse then cruising the banks and snapping that tip in a tree! The heavier rods (30lb up) come with two separate top sections which feature different tapers allowing you to use the travel rod for multiple fishing activities. One is extra fast ideal for plastics and the other medium fast taper for hard body lures and bait fishing.