Berkley Shimma Pro Rig Soft Plastic Lure


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The Berkley Shimma Pro Rig Soft Plastic Lure is specifically designed for targeting big, hard-fighting fish. Equipped with a removable weighted hook, a single Owner STX Taff Wire Treble, and a Hyperwire split ring, this lure is a ready-to-use solution for catching prized fish such as mulloway, barramundi, and Murray cod.

Featuring a thick body profile and a tapered-off paddle tail, the Shimma Pro Rig Soft Plastic Lure exhibits a strong body roll and wide tail action, making it perfect for slow rolling across weed beds, rock bars, and drop-offs to entice ambush predators. Crafted from durable Thermal Plastic Elastomer (TPE), the lure is exceptionally tough and can withstand the powerful jaws and rough mouths of predators.

The Shimma Pro Rig Soft Plastic Lure is available in ten vibrant colors and three sizes, catering to a wide range of species in both freshwater and saltwater environments. Whether you're an experienced angler or a novice, having a Shimma Pro Rig Soft Plastic Lure in your tackle box is essential for targeting serious fish.


  • A removable weighted hook system allows for customization to suit various fishing scenarios.
  • Fitted with high-quality Owner STX trebles and Hyperwire split rings for maximum hook-up potential.
  • Constructed from TPE materials, ensuring exceptional durability and resistance to toothy critters.
  • Comes in an expansive range of ten colors, matching the profiles of baitfish found in Australian waters.

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