Berkley Skid Jig
Berkley Skid Jig stripped pink
Berkley Skid Jig red
Berkley Skid Jig
Berkley Skid Jig
Berkley Skid Jig stripped yellow
Berkley Skid Jig

Berkley Skid Jig


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The Berkley Jig Skid has quickly established itself as a highly effective tool for catching fish, gaining a reputation as a proven fish catcher. Its distinctive body and remarkable action have a remarkable ability to attract quality reef species one after another. This jig is designed in Japan and specifically tailored as a slow pitch jig, featuring a sweeping action that mimics the movements of a squid in distress.

In its latest update, the Berkley Jig Skid now offers an even greater advantage with the introduction of four lumo painted stripe colors. These vibrant additions provide an extra edge in enticing more bites, especially when fishing in deeper waters. By incorporating these striking color variations, the jig becomes an even more irresistible target for a wide range of fish species dwelling in the depths.

  • Four new lumo stripe colours
  • Easy to use
  • Target fish in water from 30m to 150m
  • Unique body shape produces an irresistible slow pitch style action
  • Fitted with Owner JF-22 hooks

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