C-Tug Sandtraks Cart - Green
C-Tug Sandtraks Cart - Green
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Railblaza C Tug Sandtraks Cart Green

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When it comes to moving loads over soft sand, wider wheels are not necessarily better. Bulldozers and military tanks use long tracks, reducing the chance of them digging in. SandTrakz puncture free wheels mimic this track system, the outer rim compresses when in use giving a longer track length.

On soft sand this reduces how hard you have to pull to move your cart by more than half compared to standard puncture free Kiwi Wheels*! In fact the SandTrakz system is so effective we think it’s better than balloon wheels!

Half the effort* Puncture free Fits inside hatches Whilst they are designed to make life easier on soft surfaces, SandTrakz wheels are great on hard surfaces. Because C-TUG SandTrakz are designed to compress they act like suspension on hard surfaces, making for easy transition from soft to hard surfaces. Patented, C-Tug SandTrakz Wheels are made in New Zealand.


A C-TUG cart with SandTrakz wheels is effective for loads up to 80kg, but over this weight effect may be reduced

Load should not be stored for long periods on SandTrakz Wheels

Wheels must be washed to remove sand from axle area after each use

Do not leave your SandTrakz wheels in strong sunlight for extended periods

Dismantles in under 20 seconds

Fits inside kayak hatch

Tool-free assembly

Puncture-free SandTrakz wheels

Light weight 4.6 kg (10 lbs) and easy to handle

80kg (180 lbs) static loading (capacity will vary with dynamic loading on different terrains)

Reinforced composite material

Thermo-bonded elastomeric hull pads

Stainless steel reinforced axles

2.8m (9 ft) strap with heavy duty buckle

Adjustable kick-stand