H/S Channel Bolt Set (2 Pcs )
H/S Channel Bolt Set (2 Pcs )
H/S Channel Bolt Set (2 Pcs )

Darche H/S Channel Bolt Set 2 Pcs


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Ensure peace of mind for your next outdoor adventure with Darche’s comprehensive range of spare parts and accessories like repair kits and pumps, available for tents, swags and awnings.

The Darche Channel Bolts provide the perfect solution for anchoring and mounting Darche Awning brackets and a wide variety of accessories to roof trays and roof bars.

The Channel Bolt is a great add on when purchasing your Darche awnings and has been designed as a universal channel bolt that fits most roof racks.

Features and Specifications

Each pack contains:

2 x M8 x 25mm Stainless Steel Channel Bolts (Base – 34mm x 19.5mm)

2 x M8 Nuts

2 x M8 washers

2 x M8 Spring Washers