Jackall Doozer Vibe Lure


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The Jackall Doozer Vibe Lure is the largest in the Jackall range of hard body vibes. What sets the Doozer apart from other sinking vibes is its unique action and sound that it produces underwater. This distinctive sound is achieved through the use of a combination of tungsten and steel ball bearings that are strategically placed inside the lure. Not only do these bearings create the unique sound, but they also provide the necessary ballast for the lure, resulting in its exceptional action.

Available in a wide range of both fresh and salt water colors, the Jackall Doozer Vibe Lure is a versatile and effective tool for various fishing scenarios. Whether you're hopping it across flats, bouncing it off boulders in rivers, or burning it across the top of weed beds, this lure is sure to attract explosive strikes from predatory fish such as Cod, Barramundi, Golden Perch, Jewfish, Threadfin Salmon, and more. If you're serious about targeting larger predators, the Jackall Doozer Vibe Lure is an absolute must-have in your tackle box.


  • Unique Sound and vibration
  • Length 85mm
  • Weight 28gm
  • Sinking Lure

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