Loon Stealth Tip Toppers Large Indicators


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Introducing the Loon Tip Toppers Large Indicators - the ultimate strike indicators for the stealthy angler. These indicators are like ninjas, blending seamlessly into their surroundings to ensure a successful fishing expedition.

Featuring camouflage yarn indicators, these Tip Toppers are designed to be discreet and less conspicuous, perfect for those days when fish are easily spooked. The high-floating material used in these indicators ensures that your presentations are flawless, allowing you to make the perfect cast every time.

But that's not all - these large indicators also come with a built-in O-ring for simple attachment. No more struggling with complicated setups or wasting precious fishing time. With the Loon Tip Toppers Large Indicators, you can easily attach them to your line and get straight to the action.

Whether you're a seasoned angler or just starting out, these indicators are a must-have in your fishing arsenal. Don't let the fish outsmart you - equip yourself with the Loon Tip Toppers Large Indicators and experience the thrill of a successful catch every time.


  • Ultimate Indicator Where Stealth Is Required
  • O-Ring Attachment
  • Fast And Easy To Attach 

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