Phantom Mask & Snorkel

Phantom Mask & Snorkel

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Ocean Hunter Phantom Mask Snorkel Set is a premium quality camouflage mask and snorkel set and a very reasonable cost. This mask and snorkel set is perfect for any level of diver.

The mask is comfortable to wear and has an amazing field of view. Made from super-soft hypo-allergenic camo silicone with the skirt moulded directly onto the mask frame, low volume and max comfort is a part of the package.

The snorkel includes a soft silicone mouthpiece for extreme comfort with a clearing valve so you can easily expel water that may have entered the snorkel in rougher water conditions. On top of this, it features a wave deflector which means there’s less chance of water getting into the snorkel by essentially capping the top of the snorkel and directing water away from the opening.


Ocean Hunter Phantom Mask Snorkel Set Features


  • Super soft silicone skirt for a great seal and a comfortable fit
  • Low internal volume for high visibility and easy equalising and clearing
  • Soft mount, easy adjustable buckles


  • 20mm Wide boar J snorkel with optimal mouthpiece angle
  • Soft silicone mouthpiece to keep your jaw comfy during longer dives
  • Semi-flex barrel to reduce resistance when descending/ascending
  • Purge valve for easy expulsion of water
  • Wave deflector to keep your breathing uninterrupted through choppy conditions