Rudder Blade, Large Pro Angler

Hobie Rudder Blade Large Pro Angler

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The Hobie Large Rudder Blade for the Pro Angler is a large rudder blade designed by Hobie specifically for Pro Angler kayaks. Consider upgrading your Pro Angler rudder if you want better control in choppy or windy conditions or if you tend to overload the bow of your kayak. The Large Pro Angler Rudder Blade is longer than the traditional rudder blade so it will require some special handling when loading and transporting your boat. If you've experienced poor steering performance on your Pro Angler, the large rudder blade will give you that extra control you need.

- Upgraded rudder blade for the Pro Angler
- Provides more responsive rudder control
- Improves control in choppy or windy conditions
- Longer rudder blade will need special handling during loading and transport
- Rudder blade only