Samick sage - Takedown recurve - field ready kit -Left Hand

Samick sage - Takedown recurve - field ready kit -Left Hand


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The Samick Sage Field Ready Kit is the perfect package for hunting and target archery, whether you’re a beginner or expert. This kit is the first of its kind in Australia, a truly complete, ready to shoot out of the box full high quality archery setup. Everything you need to get started in one place. 

With all the essentials covered, it’ll be easy for you to focus on actually shooting instead of getting bogged down in what gear you need.

The Samick Sage is everything you need in a bow, at a 62" AMO length it allows for stable, smooth shooting for almost any draw length. It’s a no-tools takedown, meaning it’s easy to assemble and easy to compact away into your new carry case. 

The riser features a cut-on center shelf for shooting "off the shelf"' with the included bear hair rest. Manufactured with a combination of laminated Olive Dymond wood and Hard Maple for extreme durability and good balance in the hand. Complete with brass mount bushings you can install bow sights, bow fishing reels, plungers, and/or a stabilizer to fully customize your shooting experience to your needs.

The limbs are designed with a Hard Maple core surrounded by black fiberglass. Featuring reinforced bow tips allows the use of today's modern bow strings. 

We’ll give you a breakdown on what comes included: 

  • Samick Sage - A takedown recurve bow with the most online reviews for being the best in value starter bow.
  • 12x Carbon arrows  - Blackout’s top rated traditional archery arrows, cut to 30” and fletched with green/white feather vanes.
  • Bow case - You can store your entire set-up in this case with confidence that it will be safe through any transit or accidental rough handling.
  • Bow stringer - Quality leather stringer to help you safely string/de-string the bow.
  • Leather Armguard - A sleek, tough leather arm protector to keep you safe.
  • Shooting Glove - Protect your shooting fingers and provide a clean release. Easy to strap on and ultra-comfortable. Please let us know if you require a certain size!
  • Bear Hair Arrow rest - Stick on to elevate your arrow from the shelf of the bow, soft hair allows your feathered arrows to pass through smoothly and be deadly accurate. Easy to install, simply peel and stick on. Can be cut or styled, if desired.
  • String wax - Maintain your bow string from fraying. Bowstring wax prolongs the life of your bowstring and helps prevent fraying and string dry-out.
  • Nocking clip x 2 - Press onto the string with pliers to create a consistent nocking point for your arrow.

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