Snorkel Phantom Purge
Snorkel Phantom Purge
Snorkel Phantom Purge
Snorkel Phantom Purge

Snorkel Phantom Purge


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OceanHunter Phantom Purge Snorkel has all of the benefits of our popular Phantom snorkel with the addition of a lower purge which makes the clearing of the snorkel faster and more efficient. The tube is streamlined, contoured and flexible tube making for the perfect shape when Cray diving or spearing in Caves. The lower mouthpiece is manufactured from silicone to improve longevity and comfort

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How does the purge on the OceanHunter work?

Basically, water that leaks inside the snorkel tube will collect at the bottom, where there is a little valve.  With a light exhale, there is enough force for the water to just drain down through the valve (instead of having to blow it back up through the tube with a huge gust of air).

Do You Need A Purge Valve On A Snorkel?

There’s no right or wrong answer to this question, as you can snorkel without one. Many snorkel rentals may even be classic snorkels without one.  Their usefulness, however, is increasingly being taken up. They make snorkelling much easier, so experienced snorkelers will have a drain valve as a matter of course.  You can dive, snorkel, dive again, and resurface all without breaking the surface. It allows for a more continuous experience.  It’s also cured the age-old snorkelling problem of water into the snorkel. Large waves, splashing, and dives all require clearance of water from the tube.  For people who don’t like swallowing water or that feeling of water in the tube, it’s a must.

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