Tiewell Weed Dub


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Tiewell Weed Dub - The Ultimate Luderick Fly Fishing Material

Introducing Tiewell Weed Dub, the unrivaled leader in fooling Luderick into biting the fly. Proudly produced in Australia, this exceptional material is a must-have for any angler.

Luderick, also known as Blackfish, are a beloved and sought-after species in Australia. Catching them on a fly rod is an exhilarating experience, and the key to success lies in using the right weed flies.

Tiewell's weed dub sets itself apart from the competition. Its unique movement and transparency make it the secret weapon for Luderick fanatics. With unanimous agreement, this is the ultimate material for fooling these elusive fish.


  • Accurate Colour & Feel
  • Perfect For Tieing Weed Flies
  • Ideal For Luderick

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