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The Vexed Bottom Meat is a revolutionary hybrid jig/bait assist that is the first of its kind in the world. Designed to address common challenges faced by anglers, such as full moon, northerly wind, strong current, dud tide, and cold water temperature, this innovative product offers a solution to enhance your fishing experience.

Have you ever found yourself adding a bit of bait to a jig head, only to miss out on monster bites, or have your bait ripped off? We understand the frustration, which is why we created the Vexed Bottom Meat. Born out of a moment of inspiration at 2 a.m., this jig features a unique design that combines a circle hook on the top and a glow/UV skirt for increased attraction. The top circle hook serves as a target for fish to attack, ensuring you don't miss any bites.

Unlike traditional jigs with only two hooks, the Vexed Bottom Meat is equipped with three hooks. This allows you to use longer fish strip bait, whole squid, or octopus leg, which are held straight for a more streamlined presentation. The straight bait glides to the bottom faster and is better presented compared to a bent-up flappy bait with two hooks.

Not only does the Vexed Bottom Meat offer superior performance, but it also provides versatility. It can be effectively used on a slow-pitch outfit, surpassing the limitations of a traditional paternoster rig.

Available in a range of weights, including 80gm, 110gm, 150gm, 200gm,250g, and 300gm, the Vexed Bottom Meat caters to various fishing preferences and conditions.


  • Lumo Colours For Visibility At Depths
  • Various Weights
  • Attractive Squid Skirt Dressing
  • Quality Hooks

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